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Christian Hammer

Trademark or Bust - Andrei Mincov on IP Essentials

S2 E3 • Feb 6, 2024 • 22 mins

In this episode, we engage in a compelling conversation with Andrei Mincov, founder of, looking into the crucial aspects of intellectual property and the significance of trademarks for entrepreneurs. Andrei offers invaluable insights into the practicalities of brand protection, the pitfalls of the legal industry, and how his firm provides a unique, risk-free service for trademark registration. We also touch on the transformative role of AI in the legal domain, emphasizing the blend of technology and human expertise. Join us as we explore how securing your intellectual property is not just a legal formality but a fundamental pillar of business strategy.

Key Points

  • Trademarks are essential for businesses to protect their brand identity and should be one of the first steps taken when forming a company, as it is more cost-effective and less risky than trying to claim common law rights after the fact.
  • AI is becoming an integral tool in the trademark process, aiding in faster searches and handling mechanical tasks, but human supervision is crucial to interpret search results and make final decisions.
  • offers a unique service with a guaranteed result for a flat fee, providing entrepreneurs with the certainty of trademark registration or their money back, alleviating the stress and ambiguity usually associated with the trademarking process.
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